Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Mission of the STM publisher continued: About Wiley

Let's look at another of the signatories of the Brussells Declaration on STM Publishing.

On the About Wiley page. viewed February 13, 2007, I see a menu bar along the top of the page that says:

Corporate Information
Investor Relations
Author Events
Partner With Us
Our 200th Anniversary

Prominently displayed in the centre of the page:

Investing in Wiley
Latest Corporate News

If The mission of publishers is to maximise the dissemination of knowledge through economically self-sustaining business models, as stated in the Brussells Declaration on STM Publishing signed by Wiley and others - why does the About Wiley page say nothing about knowledge or dissemination of knowledge?

Please see Open Access News for details and links to the Brussells Declaration.

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