Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Mission of the STM Publisher: McGraw-Hill

According to the McGraw-Hill website (viewed February 13, 2007), the Mission of McGraw-Hill is:

Our mission is to provide essential information and insight that helps individuals, markets and societies perform to their potential.

We achieve growth by:
1. Purpose
Being essential to markets - influencing, transforming and expanding them.

2. Strategic Intent
Focusing on content, services, and being a solutions provider.

3. Balanced Portfolio

4. Financial Performance

5. Shareholder Return

McGraw-Hill is one of the signatories of the Brussells Declaration on STM Publishing, which declares it self-evident that The mission of publishers is to maximise the dissemination of knowledge through economically self-sustaining business models..

McGraw-Hill, if this is self-evident - why is disseminating knowledge not mentioned in your own mission statement? Or, based on your own Mission Statement - why is there no mention of balancing portfolios, financial performance, or shareholder return in the Brussells declaration?

For details and links to the Brussells Declaration, see Open Access News.

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