Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In the Public Interest: the Future of Canadian Copyright

Creative Commons Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the first Canadian academic monograph to be offered under a Creative Commons Licence.

In the Public Interest: the Future of Canadian Copyright, is an open access book that is a first in many respects:
  • first publication by a legal publisher (Irwin Law) in both commercial book and free online formats
  • the first national compilation of copyright scholarly opinion in Canada
  • the first time a book from such a publisher has been put together in time to respond and contribute directly to a policy process at the bill stage
    (thanks to Margaret Ann Wilkinson for this list)

    The book begins with an introduction by Michael Geist. My fellow librarians and information policy aficionados may be interested to know that two joint Law and LIS scholars, Margaret Ann Wilkinson and Sam Trosow, from Western, are among the authors.
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