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Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement

Concordia University Open Access mandate

New Open Access Fund at SFU Library

PubMedCentral Canada up and available for searching

University of Ottawa among North American leaders in open access

Michael Geist's creative open access initiative!

Vancouver enters the age of the open city

University of Calgary Library Faculty Open Access Mandate

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation Open Access Policy

Open Sesame to the Digital World - an open access high school library.

Free access to the Cochrane Library for Canada. While this geographically limited access is not full OA, it is likely the very best that the Canadian Cochrane Center can do, given that it does not have the rights to the full Library. Let's hope that the international Cochrane network is inspired by this example, and comes together to provide full open access to everyone!

Ontario contributes $4.7 million more to lab of Toronto-based open access researcher Aled Edwards

Canadian Research Knowledge Network looking for expressions of interest in supporting major OA initiative in physics

Canada, let's fix the open access policy loophole BEFORE we harmonize

Towards PubMedCentral Canada: Update

Québec's Fonds de la Recherche en Santé has released their Policy regarding open access to published research outputs Jim Till's comments

Jennifer Bell on Government Transparency via Open Data and Open Source

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre supports open access resources

Two calls for open access from Quebec

Will Canada Seize the Lead in the Open Access Movement in the History Books - Or Cede to the U.S.?

Michael Geist Calls on Canadian Government to Implement Open Access Policies

CLA Announces New Open Access Interest Group

National Cancer Institute of Canada Open Access Policy

PubMedCentral Canada (PMC) Initiative

Open Access in Canada: Sept/Oct 2008 College and Research Libraries News article by Heather Morrison and Andrew Waller. Overview of status of OA in Canada

CANLII, Canada's open access legal database, is the electronic resource most used by the Canadian legal community!

Danielle Dennie and Librarian Activist.Org

Meet Pam Ryan. Pam Ryan and colleague Denise Koufogiannakis are behind the support OA support at the University of Alberta libraries.

Tracey Lauriault of and, is among Canada's most vocal open data advocates.

Meet Hugh McGuire, a Montreal-based engineer, founder of Librivox which aims to make an audio version of every public domain book freely available at all and Canadian open data advocate.

Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) recommends copyright retention!

National Research Council OA Mandate

Three forthcoming OA policies announced at ELPUB

Richard Poynder Interviews Leslie Chan

CLA/ABC Position Statement on Open Access for Canadian Libraries

Free Government Pubs, from the BC Legislature Library

Canadian Association of Research Libraries calls for Canadian OA Mandate

On May 22, 2008, the Canadian Library Association approved a Position Statement on Open Access for Canadian Libraries.

Dean Giustini on Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement. Dean's first post covers the early years to 1999.

York University Library

A Celebration of Research and Scholarship at Kwantlen University College
Ranjini Mendis is an open access pioneer, having co-developed (with John Willinsky) the first open access, fully online international journal on postcolonial studies to come out of Canada, Post-Colonial Text. Babir Gurm and Alice Macpherson developed the open access Transformative Dialogues - inventing their own approach to online publishing along the way.

York University Library is a great role model! YUL's EJournal publishing support for faculty is prominently displayed as a link on the services for faculty page; York has not one, but 3 repositories; York librarians are researching, publishing, and presenting on open access and scholarly communications.

Taking the plunge: from print to online open access

Hilde Colenbrander and an open access cIRcle at UBC

RRRESEARCH: UBC Leadership in the Open Access Movement

Francis Ouellette named one of 6 Franklin Awards finalists

Pilot Project to Provide Open Access to NRC Publications

The Canadian Digital Information Strategy and Open Access

The Canadian Library Association congratulates Dr. Alan Bernstein, President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, on the CIHR Open Access policy.

Stephen's web

Stephen Downes works for the National Research Council, and writes a blog with a philosophy very similar to IJPE, often about open access.

Libraries and Public Access to Information (CLA 1994)

The Canadian Library Association's Information and Telecommunications Access Principles, 1994, articulate the role of librarians as spokepersons for public access to information, one of the key elements of the open access movement.

Access to any or all sources of information; a matter of ethics (CLA 1976)

The Canadian Library Association Code of Ethics, 1976, states that CLA members, individually and collective, have an ethical obligation to facilitate access to any and all sources of information that may be of assistance to library users.

CLA Commitment to "Open Availability to Information" - from 1987

Canadian Sociology Journal Goes OA

Dr. Kevin Haggerty, incoming Editor of the Canadian Journal of Sociology, talks about why this well-established journal decided to move to electronic-only, fully open access beginning in January 2008, using the Open Journal Systems platform hosted by the University of Alberta Libraries.

Jim Till: Be Openly Accessible or Be Obscure

Jim Till, Chair of the CIHR Advisory Committee responsible for developing a model open access policy for CIHR, and a key person in the initial development of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Agency's Open Access Archive, is among Canada's most noted open access advocates - and that is saying something! Formerly a member of the Open Access News team when it was a group blog, Jim is now author of Be Openly Accessible or Be Obscure, one of the most thoughtful - and thought-provoking blogs on open access on the web. Delightfully named, too!

Canadian Institutes of Health Research(CIHR): Policy on Access to Research Outputs

CIHR announcement of an open access policy likely to be seen as a model by other funding agencies. Features include strong support for immediate open access, or OA with no more than a 6 month delay, and support for OA publishing, including clarification that article processing fees for OA are an eligible expense under Use of Grant Funds. Traditional publishers can easily comply with CIHR policy through an enlighted self-archiving policy, as the vast majority of journals already do.

Open, Digital Scholarly Publishing at Athabasca University Press

From the press announcement: AU Press, Canada’s first 21st century university press, is dedicated to disseminating knowledge emanating from scholarly research to a broad audience through open access digital media and in a variety of formats (e.g., journals, monographs, author podcasts.

CARL and SPARC offer Canadian authors new tool to widen access to published articles.

Announcement by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) and the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) on the release of the Canadian version of the SPARC Author's Addendum.

Canadian Library Association Moves Open Access

The Canadian Library Association announces a strong open access policy for CLA publications, as well as an open policy for almost all CLA communications. New blog urging governments to make data about Canada and Canadians free and accessible to citizens. Highly recommended!

Atlantic Provinces Library Association supports Open Access Publishing!

Free Online Access to Digital Mapping Data

"Our Government recognizes the importance of providing Canadians with access to the latest digital mapping information at no cost," said Minister Lunn. "Not only will Canadians now have free access to digital maps, but Canada will be known as an important source for digital mapping data around the world."

Congratulations and thanks to the Honourable Gary Lunn and NRCan for yet another illustration of Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement.

Thanks to Olivier Charbonneau.
SSHRC Aid to Open Access Journals
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The British Columbia Library Association Resolution on Open Access
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The Ouellette Declaration
Coming April 24: the IDRC Digital Library (thanks to Marjorie Whalen).
John Willinsky and the Public Knowledge Project

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