Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blogging Courses: English Lit

Simon Fraser University's Dr. Stephen Ogden, teacher of a popular new english literature course called Chick-Lit and Lad-Lit, blogs all his classes.

For example, the blog for Lady Shikubu's Erotic Political Fantasy: -- TALES OF GENJI -- A CLASS BLOG FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 394:D2 AT SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY

Dr. Ogden's poetic tendencies are obvious from his blog; his stated location of Bradford, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is where his heart is. The prosaic truth is that Steve is more apt to be found right here, at the top of this our ivory (coloured) tower, high atop Burnaby Mountain, overlooking Greater Vancouver and its environs - the waterways and many mountains, spanning more than a country. And sometimes, looking down at nothing but clouds.

It's not just the professor, either - the students blog too!

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