Friday, June 30, 2006

Dramatic Growth June 2006

The Dramatic Growth of Open Access continues!

The Dramatic Growth of Open Access continues in the second quarter of 2006, although at a somewhat less hectic pace than the first quarter. Since I've only started noting growth on a quarterly basis beginning last December, it is possible that this reflects seasonable variation, i.e. two months of this period fall within the summer semester in the northern hemisphere, a slower time at academia in general.

Growth continued very strong in both the gold and green roads. DOAJ, today at 2,292 journals, added 134 journal titles, an increase of about 1 and 1/2 titles per day (calendar days, not business days), about an equivalent of a 25% annual increase. More than half a million items were added to an OAIster search, for a total of more than 7.6 million items, or about the equivalent of a 24% annual increase. At the current rate of growth, an OAIster search can be anticipated to encompass more than a billion items before the end of 2007.

The most significant change was a drop in the % increase to Highwire Free Press Online, from an 18% increase in the first quarter to a less than 1% increase in this quarter. It is too soon to draw any conclusions from this change, which could reflect Highwire procedural timing.


Early figures are from my preprint, The Dramatic Growth of Open Access: Implications and Opportunities for Resource Sharing, Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve, 16, 3 (2006), and my updates:
Dec. 31, 2005 Update and 2006 Predictions
March 31, 2006 Update.

Directory of Open Access Journals:
June 30, 2006: 2,292 journals (38 titles added in the last 30 days)
March 31, 2006: 2,158 journals (78 titles added in the last 30 days)
Dec. 31, 2005: 1,988 titles
February 2005 - over 1,400 titles

June 30, 2006: 653 journals searchable at article level -- 101,434 articles in DOAJ total
March 31, 2006: 594 journals searchable at article level -- 92,751 articles in DOAJ total
Dec. 31, 2004: 492 journals searchable at article level - 83,235
This is an increase of 134 journal titles during April - June, 2006; a 6% growth rate, or equivalent of an annual 25% growth rate.

Note that the DOAJ list does not represent all open access journals, only the ones that have met DOAJ standards, and have gone through the DOAJ vetting process. Jan Szczepanski's list is much longer: over 4,705 titles total as of early December 2005.

June 30, 2006: 7,605,729 records from 647 institutions
March 22, 2006: 7,040,586 records from 610 institutions
Dec. 22, 2005: 6,255,599 records from 578 institutions
February 2005: over 5 million records, 405 institutions
This is an increase of 565,143 records in a quarter, or an equivalent of over 2 million records annually. By percentage, this is an 8% increase in this quarter, or an equivalent of about 32% annually. The number of institutions has increased by 37 6%, or the equivalent of 24% annually.

Highwire Press Free Online Fulltext Articles
June 30, 2006: 1,354,559 free full-text articles
March 31, 2006: 1,335,546 free articles
Dec. 31, 2005: 1,131,135 free articles
early January 2005: over 800,000 free articles
This is an increase of 19,013 articles, or less than 1% (compared with an 18% increase in the first quarter of this year).

June 30, 2006: 374,166 e-prints
March 31, 2006: 362,334 e-prints
Dec. 31, 2005: Open access to 350,745 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Quantitative Biology.
This is an increase of 11,832 e-prints in this quarter, a 3% increase in this quarter, or the equivalent of 12% annually.

RePEC: Research Papers in Economics
June 30, 2006: over 385,000 items of interest, over 282,000 of which are available online
March 31, 2006: over 367,000 items of interest, over 266,000 of which are available online
Dec. 31, 2005: over 350,000 items of interest, over 250,000 of which are available online.
February 2005: over 200,000 freely available items.
This is an increase of 16,000 items available online, a 6% increase, or the equivalent of a 24% annual increase, roughly the same as the first quarter.

June 30, 2006: 3,885 documents
March 31, 2006: 3,539 documents
Dec. 31, 2005: 3,095 documents
This is an increase of 346 documents, just under 10% of the equivalent of just under 40% annual increase.

Canadian Association of Research Libraries : Metadata Harvester
June 30, 2006: 22,819 items from 12 archives
March 31, 2006: 22,566 records from 12 archives
Dec. 31, 2005: 21,922 records from 11 archives.
This is an increase of 253 items, or a 1% increase (equivalent of 4% annually).

This post reflects my personal opinion only and does not represent the opinions or policy of the BC Electronic Library Network or the Simon Fraser University Library.


  1. Heather, you could get a lot of rich green OA growth stats (growth in number of repositories of different kinds, as well as growth in their deposit rates) -- and you can even generate time-series diagrams, selectively, from ROAR.

  2. Hi, I cited your data on my blog.



  3. Good point, thanks Stevan. I've been meaning to add numbers from ROAR.

  4. Merci, Laurent Guerby! J'aime beaucoup votre blog!

    Laurent Guerby talks about the recent Nature discussion on PLoS' business model, from the point of view of an economist.

    Hmm..ask the economists what they think about open access business models - what a concept!

    Come to think of it, with their RePEc, the economists are one of the world's strongest open access disciplines, along with physics of course. What might this mean?


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