Sunday, September 10, 2006

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Series

Michael Geist: New Research Policy a Victory for Open Access September 10, 2007

British Columbia Library Association Congratulates CIHR on Open Access to Research Outputs policy. September 10, 2007.

More kudos for CIHR! From the Canadian Association for Research Libraries, Olivier Charbonneau, and Research Information. September 2007.

More kudos for CIHR Open Access to Research Outputs policy Links to Jim Till's blog collection of kudos for CIHR. September 2007.

This post was originally posted September 10, 2007, backdated to Sept. 10, 2006, for blog housekeeping reasons.

Open Access Policy: Let's Put the Public Good First! Comments and reflections by Heather Morrison. September 2007.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Policy on Access to Research Outputs. Announcement of the policy, excerpt, Heather's comments, links to comments by Peter Suber and Michael Geist. September 4, 2007

Jim Till: Be Openly Accessible or Be Obscure Profile of Jim Till, Canadian OA activist, Chair of the CIHR Advisory Committee on Access to Research Outputs, and author of the blog, Be Openly Accessible or Be Obscure

Canada's CIHR: 31st to Adopt a Green Self-Archiving Mandate Kudos from Stevan Harnad.

That day has arrived, and Canada must seize it! More on CIHR. Heather Morrison queries whether CIHR draft policy goes far enough. November 2006.

CIHR draft policy: the leadership needed to overcome gridlock. Applause from Rick Johnson, founding Executive Director of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), for CIHR leadership on the CIHR OA policy. November 1, 2006.

Draft Policy on Access to CIHR-funded Research Outputs. October 2006. Links to the Draft Policy, considered exemplary, with comments by Heather Morrison, Peter Suber, and Stevan Harnad.

DRAFT Policy on Access to Research Outputs. Text of CIHR Draft Policy, copied from CIHR website for historical purposes September 10, 2007.

Response to CIHR Consultation on Open Access. Heather Morrison's personal reponse to the CIHR consultation. September 2006.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research: Comments Due May 15, 2006 May, 2006. Announcement of CIHR Consultation. Consultation questions presented in full, with Heather Morrison's suggestions for responses.