Sunday, August 26, 2007

More on PRISM: what will the academics do?

Tom Wilson on Information Research Weblog has a detailed response, and some interested suggestions to my Save the Millionaires blogpost.

Basically, Tom is asking, if publishers are making these ludicrous claims, what will the academics do?

Tom's suggestion:
resign from the editorial boards of non-OA journals, and state their daily rate for reviewing.

How would be academics who are accustomed to providing free peer review services know what to charge these highly profitable publishers for our services?

Tom has done some homework! His suggestion:
since the publishers are spending so much money on the peer review process, isn't it time that those who do the reviews were properly paid for it? The University and College Union in the UK, I believe, has a recommended daily rate for consultancy and similar work - or at least the Association of University Teachers had such a rate and, when I last looked, it was £650

£650 translates into($1,300 US, $1,377 Canadian).

This is just one of Tom's suggestions - please read the whole post. Thanks, Tom! More soon!