Monday, August 20, 2007

Open, Digital Scholarly Publishing at Athabasca University Press

From the Athabasca University Press release, August 20, 2007:

AU Press, Canada’s first 21st century university press, is dedicated to disseminating knowledge emanating from scholarly research to a broad audience through open access digital media and in a variety of formats (e.g., journals, monographs, author podcasts).

Our publications are of the highest quality and are assessed by peer review; however, we are dedicated to working with emerging writers and researchers to promote success in scholarly publishing.

Our geographical focus is Canada, the West, and the Circumpolar North, and we are mandated to publish innovative and experimental works that challenge the limits of established canons, subjects and formats. Series under development in several subject areas will promote and contribute to specific academic disciplines, and we aim to revitalize neglected forms such as diary, memoir and oral history.

At AU Press, we also publish scholarly websites with a particular focus on distance education and e-learning, labour studies, Métis and Aboriginal studies, gender studies and the environment.


It is a wonderful personal pleasure to congratulate and thank Athabasca University and AU Press for a stellar example of Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement, as a former student. About half my undergrad senior year was taken through AU; I am very happy to highly recommend AU for quality programming and services as well as leadership in scholarly communications. AU is a leader in open learning and distance education, with students around the world.

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