Saturday, September 29, 2007

Libraries and Public Access to Information (CLA 1994)

From the Canadian Library Association's Information and Telecommunications Access Principles Position Statement, 1994:

The convergence of computers and high-speed telecommunication networks provides increased opportunity for public access to information and participation in the democratic processes of society. Conversely, access and participation could be reduced through the imposition of user fees and centralized control.

Librarians, libraries, and library organizations will work to assure the 'public good' is represented in all government and corporate initiatives for information dissemination and telecommunications policy. Co-operation with other organizations and public interest groups to protect social interests will strengthen the efforts of the library community.

Comment: this statement is very relevant in the context of the open access movement with its emphasis on public access to information, as well as the principles of the Public Knowledge Project.

This post is part of the Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement series.