Saturday, September 08, 2007

More kudos for CIHR!

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) has issued a press release welcoming the new policy that encourages open access to Canadian Research, downloadable from What's New at CARL / Quoi de neuf À l'ABRC.


“CARL welcomes the new CIHR policy “stated Carolynne Presser, Chair of the CARL Scholarly Communication Committee. “We would prefer to see full and immediate public access to all CIHR-funded research. However this is a step in the right direction.”

“The new Policy should mean that all Canadians – the general public, healthcare practitioners and researchers - will enjoy increasing free access to publicly-funded Canadian health research through the Internet” noted CARL President, Ms. Leslie Weir. “It is encouraging to see CIHR’s commitment that ‘timely and unrestricted access to research findings is a defining feature of science, and is essential for advancing knowledge and accelerating our understanding of human health and disease.’ CARL looks forward to working with CIHR to implement the Policy and to make it a success for other funding agencies to follow.” contribue aux kudos pour CIHR avec Santé : recherche canadienne libre. Merci, Olivier Charbonneau! est un resource exceptionelle sur droits d'auteur et access libre.
English: adds to the kudos for CIHR with Health: free Canadian research. Thanks, Olivier Charbonneau! (free culture Canada) is an exceptional resource on copyright and open access.

An article in Research Information, Canada Institutes Champion Open Access, hails the CIHR policy of Open Access to Health Research Publications. Other articles of interest: Open Access Debate Gets Personal (on PRISM), and Open Access Community Condemns PRISM.

Hat tip to Peter Suber on Open Access News for the latter.