Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oxford Open: a model for transitioning to open access

8 of the 54 journals participating in Oxford Open have seen an absolute reduction in price this year!

According to the Oxford Journals Update, Oxford Open and Oxford subscription prices have been adjusted to reflect the Oxford Open Choice uptake. The average Oxford journal price subscription has gone up 6.9% this year, while journals with Open Choice update are increasing an average of 1.7% (with variations by journal, depending on the extent of uptake; 8 of the 54 journals involved in Oxford Open have seen an absolute price reduction from 2007 to 2008).

Oxford says "At Oxford Journals, we always strive to make our pricing policy open and transparent".

Ensuring that Open Choice payments result in reductions in subscription prices is a great way to create a positive cycle (more open access, lower subscription prices, more money for more open choice) to reverse the negative cycle of the serials crisis (higher prices, libraries cancel, fewer subscribers, higher prices).

This approach is a good role model for Transitioning to Open Access.

Thanks to Don Taylor.