Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hilde Colenbrander and an open access cIRcle at UBC

Glenn Drexhagle writes, in UBC Reports, about How Information Gets to be Free.

At the University of British Columbia, open access will soon come full cIRcle, as the institutional repository works to move from pilot to operation stage.

One of the driving forces behind cIRcle is Digital Repository Librarian Hilde Colenbrander, one of the most vocal and active of local open access advocates here in Vancouver for a number of years - and that's saying something, at the university where John Willinsky first developed the Public Knowledge Project and Open Journal Systems!

When Hilde is not busy developing the institutional repository at UBC, she is an active participant in the Canadian Library Association's Task Force on Open Access, a speaker at UBC's SLAIS and mentor to students. Hilde & I co-presented with Andrew Waller at BCLA just before BCLA adopted A Resolution on Open Access, an event noted on Peter Suber's Open Access Timeline.

Thanks to Denise Koufougiannakis.

Congratulations on this well-deserved publicity for yet another example of Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement.