Wednesday, March 19, 2008

European University Association Moves to OA (citation)

Looking for a great citation on the recent unanimous adoption by the European University Association of a report calling for the development of institutional repositories and open access mandates throughout European universities?

Here is one, thanks to Bernard Rentier, the blogging University Rector of Liège.

Rentier, Bernard, Recteur, Université de Liège. L’EUA se lance dans l’OA. Pour une université ouverte et interactive.

A. Recommendations for University Leadership

The basic approach… should be the creation of an institutional
repository. These repositories should be established and managed
according to current best practices (following recommendations
and guidelines from DRIVER and similar projects) complying with the
OAI-PMH protocol and allowing inter-operability and future networking
for wider usage….

University institutional policies should require that their
researchers deposit (self-archive) their scientific publications
in their institutional repository upon acceptance for publication.
Permissible embargoes should apply only to the date of open access
provision and not the date of deposit. Such policies would be in
compliance with evolving policies of research funding agencies at
the national and European level such as the ERC.

B. Recommendations for National Rectors’ Conferences

All National Rectors’ Conferences should work with national research
funding agencies and governments in their countries to implement
the requirement for self-archiving of research publications
in institutional repositories and other appropriate open access
repositories according to best practice models of the ERC and existing
national research funding agencies operating open access mandates…

C. Recommendations for the European University Association

EUA should continue to contribute actively to the policy dialogue on
Open Access at the European level with a view to a self-archiving
mandate for all research results arising from EU research
programme/project funding, hence in support of and building upon
the ERC position and other international initiatives such as that
of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Thanks to Peter Suber's on Open Access News.