Saturday, March 29, 2008

Net Neutrality in Canada

It seems that Canada is beginning to speak up on Net Neutrality! Many thanks to Michael Geist for these blogposts and links:

Mounting Calls for Net Neutrality Action. The National Union of Public and General Employees and the Council of Canadians speak up for Net Neutrality. CBC is covering the issue.

Angus on Net Neutrality. NDP MP Charlie Angus calls on Industry Ministry Jim Prentis to get serious about Net Neutrality.

Globe on Rogers' Fee Changes. The Globe and Mail covers a recent blogpost by Michael on Rogers' Fee changes, and covers net neutrality.

Good News, thanks to our Net Neutrality-savvy friends south of the border!!
Comcast and BitTorrent struck a deal today that may lead to the U.S.'s largest cable provider treating content equally. Kudos to Comcast, BitTorrent, and the US Regulator FCC.

The Bell Wake-Up Call The revelation that Bell has quietly revamped its network to allow for throttling at the residential and wholesale level.