Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BCLA Submission to Study on Canadian Science and Technology

The British Columbia Library Association has just submitted a very pro-open-access response to the Canadian Standing Committee on Industry, Science & Technology's Study on Canadian Science and Technology.

BCLA’s comment on the Study on Canadian Science and Technology focuses on the issue of federally funded research performed in government and higher education.

BCLA believes that federally funded research should be openly accessible to everyone, everywhere. Taxpayers, whether they are individual or businesses, should have access to the results of research that they have funded. The entrepreneur in the smaller or more remote center looking for ideas and opportunities to set up the kind of new businesses Canada needs, businesses that are prepared to thrive and grow in a knowledge economy, businesses that work with instead of against our environment, has just as much right to the results of research funded by the Canadian government, as does the large, wealthy corporation.

Rural doctors and other health professionals have a right to the results of the very latest research funded by Canadian tax dollars. Their patients have a right to benefit from this access for their health professionals, and they also have a right to read the research literature for themselves, if they choose.

All Canadians benefit from public access to the results of federally funded research. If a civil servant, politician, teacher, parent, or school trustee is able to make a better, more informed decision because they have access to the best and latest knowledge; this is for the good of all.

BCLA strongly supports the principle and practice of Open Access. The association adopted a Resolution on Open Access in 2004, and is recognized on the Open Access Timeline as one of the first library associations in the world to do so.

Kudos to BCLA for yet another fine example of Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement.

Update April 16 - reply from the Standing Committee (via the Information Policy Committee list):

This is to acknowledge that the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Industry Science and Technology has received your organization’s brief for the study of Canadian Science and Technology.

The Committee thanks you for your important contribution to their work on this topic.

Should you wish to follow the Committee’s work on this study, please consult the Committee’s website at the following address:


Also note that public meetings are available in a live audio feed on ParlVu at: