Monday, April 28, 2008

For Sale: New, Improved, Locked-Down Version of Cell Wall

[Reader caution: take this post with a large grain of salt]

New improved, locked-down version of Cell Wall

Earlier today, IJPE announced the sale of a plain PDF version of Cell Wall for 50 Euros or US dollars. Now we are pleased to announced the same of a new, improved version of Cell Wall, featuring restrictive DRM technology and a secretive contract purchase license, for a mere hundred Euros or US dollars!

The DRM-protected version is locked down. Text cannot be modified. This will protect your purchase from accidental changes you might make to a more open version. Inquire about our forthcoming "green" version, with additional lock-down technology to prevent any possibility of printing the document, at a modest additional cost.

This purchase features a special "secrecy" license contract. To sign up, all you need to do is to agree to the following:

I agree that my purchase of Cell Wall is completely confidential. I greatly appreciate IJPE's keeping of my purchase private. I will never take any action publicly that could reveal this purchase, such as speaking or writing in such a way as to indicate having read the article, for example by citing it.

Full attribution of Cell Wall

Cell-wall structural changes in wheat straw pretreated for bioethanol production

Jan B Kristensen1, Lisbeth G Thygesen, Claus Felby, Henning Jørgensen,and Thomas Elder

Biotechnology for Biofuels Volume 1

Heather's Comment: this scenario, while somewhat absurd, illustrates some of the uses that can be made of an item with a CC-BY license with an open access articles such as Cell Wall.

Allowing for commercial reuse of a work, means allowing for resale without compensation for author or publisher.

Allowing for derivatives means allowing for derivatives that the author or publisher would have issues with, for a variety of reasons. Many open access authors and publishers would not like the idea of someone adding DRM to OA work, as with this scenario.