Saturday, April 12, 2008

Issues in Scholarly Communications Class

Issues in Scholarly Communications, a course I developed and taught for the University of British Columbia's School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies this term, is now over (alas, as I have very much enjoyed this course).

I am very proud of the work of all of my students, much of which can be found in the course practice journal, Topics in Scholarly Communications.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the class, including in-person and distance speakers. Links to many of the presentations can be found from the Course Blog, and a few are posted in E-LIS as well. Notes from Joy Kirchner and Gwen Bird's presentations can be found on the course wiki.

Harder to capture is the contribution of Peter Suber, who joined the class for a distance question and answer session. As usual, Peter was able to answer any question in considerable depth, and provide detailed background information. Thanks, Peter!

What's next for me for teaching:

I'm working on a book on scholarly communications for Chandos, which would be useful for librarians at any level needing to quickly get up to speed in this area; this could also be used as a textbook for this course.

This May & June I'm teaching a one-credit course on open access at SLAIS.

This fall I'm co-teaching a course on Information Policy at SLAIS, with Devon Greyson of Social Justice Librarian.