Saturday, May 03, 2008

40 new PubMedCentral journals in last 60 days!

40 more journals have begun adding content to PubMedCentral in the last 60 days! To view the list, go to PMC Journal List - New.

Of these, 22 or more than half make content available immediately! An additional 6 make content available within 12 months or less, indicating that articles published in these journals clearly fit the NIH Public Access policy. In other words, 70% of these new PMC journals clearly facilitate compliance with the NIH policy.

Kudos to every one of these journals, and to PMC for creating this list.

Librarians - to support the transition to OA, why not prioritize subscribing to OA policy-friendly journals? Journals could qualify by being fully open access, actively contributing content to PubMedCentral within the NIH acceptable embargo period, or having author-self-archiving policies that fit with OA policy compliance.

Aggregators - why not develop convenient lists, to make it easy for libraries to consider these factors in subscription decisions?

This post is part of the Dramatic Growth of Open Access Series.