Monday, June 09, 2008

Free government pubs, from the BC Legislative Library

From Jane Taylor, Director, BC Legislative Library:

If you haven't seen it already, have a look at our new web catalogue at

* Follow the Checklist link to the British Columbia Government Publications Monthly Checklist to have a look at these new features:

* You can now go straight from the Checklist to the full text, either to our downloaded copy, or to the original government website if it's still active.

* You can print a PDF version of individual Checklist issues.

* You can sign up for an RSS feed to alert you about new issues.

* Issues back to November 1990 are included. Just note that back issues may contain out-of-date information for addresses, prices and government weblinks.

* You can now download MARC records using Z39.50. Click on the tab for instructions.

* As of April 1st this year, the Library has over 12,000 downloaded BC government publications available through the catalogue, and if we discover electronic versions of older ones, we will download them and add the URLs to our bibliographic records.

Many thanks to Jane Taylor and the BC Legislative Library for yet another example of Canadian Leadership in the Open Access Movement