Monday, September 01, 2008

American Journal of Transplantation will deposit all articles in PMC!

The American Journal of Transplantation has decided to react to the National Institutes of Health's Public Access Policy, by depositing all journal articles into PubMedCentral immediately on publication - regardless of funding sources - for public access 12 months after publication, the maximum embargo allowable under the NIH policy.

The reason given for this decision is to avoid extra work and confusion for authors covered under this policy.

This is a move in the right direction, so kudos to The American Journal of Transplantation for extending public access beyond the NIH-funded articles.

Some suggestions for The American Journal of Transplantation to continue to move forward towards open access in a sustainable way:

Consider recognizing the contributions of society members and subscribing libraries, perhaps by providing for no embargo (or a shorter embargo) if the author is a member or the author's institution is a subscriber.

Provide more information on both sides of this issue through further editorials explaining the reasons for, and benefits of, the Public Access policy.

Editorial (caution - toll access only): AJT's Response to the National Institutes of Health Public Access Regulations. A. D. Kirk a and D. R. Salomo. American Journal of Transplantation August 22, 2008.

Hat tip to Peter Suber on Open Access News.