Saturday, May 14, 2011

Access Copyright: NOT a member

May 16 update: please see the May 3, 2011 Canadian Association of University Teachers Copyright Guidelines for a really good explanation of our rights in Canada under fair dealing, and kudos for covering the fact that an increasing portion of academic work is now fully open access - downloable from

Original post

Access Copyright is a copyright collective in Canada that has recently proposed a tariff that phenomenally outrageous, including price increases that are more than tenfold the previous negotiated agreement (which was already far too generous), but also includes reporting requirements that are onerous and completely incompatible with both privacy and academic freedom, as well as the ludicrous proposition that linking to an item is considered a copy. As a prolific writer, presenter, and occasional photographer who (like a great many people) prefers to share work openly, it is my wish to make it known that Access Copyright does NOT represent this creator! I have created an Access Copyright: NOT a member facebook page for anyone who would like to join me in making this clarification. Vendors and publishers are more than welcome. For that matter, why not prominently post an Access Copyright non-membership notice on your website?

This insanity is not limited to Canada, it seems, as is clear from this post, A nightmare scenario for higher education, from scholarly communication@duke.

What an awesome opportunity for open access advocates!