Monday, January 02, 2012

Copyright remains yours? better read the fine print

This statement about author copyright from the IOS Press Author Copyright Agreement page is an excellent example of why scholarly authors should beware the phrase "copyright remains yours", and read the fine print. What IOS Press is saying is that copyright remains yours, but you may not give your work away. To post your own work in an open access archive, you must pay! Otherwise, others must pay for your work. Educational use at your own institution is okay, but any other educational institution must pay IOS Press - and notice that they are not telling the author how much they are charging. For some examples of just how much this practice costs educational institutions, please see my recent posts open access to save costs for teaching and learning and selling out feminism: 100 copies for $3,607. I highly recommend avoiding publishers with such policies. Scholars, let us not give such publishers our work as authors, reviewers, or editors. 

Excerpt from the IOS Press Author Copyright agreement:

Copyright remains yours, and we will acknowledge this in the copyright line that appears on your article. You also retain the right to use your own article (provided you acknowledge the published original in standard bibliographic citation form) in the following ways, as long as you do not sell it in ways that would conflict directly with our efforts to disseminate it.
  1. You are free to use the manuscript version of your article for internal, educational or other purposes of your own institution or company;
  2. You may use the article, in whole or in part, as the basis for your own further publications or spoken presentations;
  3. For a fee of €100, you will have the right to mount the final version of your article as published by IOS Press on your own, your institution’s, company’s or funding agency’s website. You can order this right together with the final published version of your article with the form sent to the corresponding author along with the proofs of your paper.