Friday, January 18, 2013

Open access innovations in the humanities and social sciences

The open access movement tends to talk a lot about sciences. Let's applaud and recognize the many scholars and initiatives leading in open access in the humanities and social sciences.

The Directory of Open Access Journals lists 1,689 journals under the Social Sciences browse:

The Social Sciences Research Network is one of the largest and most active open access subject repositories:

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy was an early innovator in the creation of a scholar-led open access encyclopedia and the development of the ongoing OA via creation of an endowment fund model (still promising, but as one might guess the financial crisis slowed this approach down a little):

The Public Knowledge Project, initiated by education researcher John Willinsky, created the Open Journal Systems used by about 15,000 journals around the world, about half of which are open access:

Open Humanities Press was an early innovator in open monographs publishing:

This is a very small list - humblest apologies to all of the other important initiatives and people that are missing here. Each and every one of these initiatives is worthy of our support.

This was originally posted to the GOAL open access list.