Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carbon Tax Coming to BC

British Columbia is showing leadership as the first Canadian province to introduce of a Carbon Tax in this year's budget as one of the features of an environmentally-oriented budget called Greener Future, Stronger Economy in the
BC government press release

In the words of Finance Minister Carole Taylor:

This budget marks a turning point. It overturns the notion that you have to choose either a healthy environment or a strong economy. It will help keep British Columbia vibrant and growing, it takes a big step toward meeting the challenge of climate change, and it strengthens key public services like health care and education.

Carole Taylor's media presentation is well worth watching as she outlines what sounds like a very well-thought out plan for achieving the two goals of environment and economy. Now that's poetic economics!

One blogpost I've been meaning to write but never seem to find the time: the environment IS the economy. Economics is all about how to share the limited resources that we have; and ultimately the shared environment of our beautiful blue planet is all that we have. Responsible economics IS good environmental stewardship.

Disclosure: I am proud to be a British Columbian!