Wednesday, February 20, 2008 and Authors Advantages has Advantages for Authors, prominently displayed on their website! These advantages cited are high quality, high citation, liberal copyright, wide access - plus, an honorarium for authors, and for editors and reviewers who complete their tasks promptly, too.

Librarians might like the Background section, which talks about providing librarians with value for money, using modern web-based marketing and manufacturing techniques to minimize costs.


Prominently placed in the middle-left of the now home screen is a link called Authors Advantages. Click! and the author learns that the direct advantages to you as an author include not only High Quality and High Citation, but also Liberal Copyright and Wide Access.

Liberal Copyright means:

# Authors retain copyright of the article

# Authors are free to self-archive

# Authors can re-use the work in books, etc without asking permission or paying fees

The now Authors Agreement confirms this Liberal Copyright policy.
According to the Background section on the website, the company is ideally placed to bring a new era to academic publishing, which values editors and authors, deploys a liberal and fair copyright policy, and provides librarians with value for money. The primary mission of now is to improve scholarly communication, speed the flow of information, and reward the scientist. The company uses modern web-based marketing and manufacturing techniques to minimize costs. Using targeted marketing and print-on-demand publishing technologies now is able to significantly compensate authors and editors for their efforts, and pass on cost-savings to librarians.

Kudos to now publishing for a great role model in the period of Transitioning to Open Access

Kudos to now, and thanks to Zachary Rolnick for the tip, and permission to post!

Please note that any rights to wording from the now website belong to nowpublishing, not IJPE.