Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dramatic Growth of Open Access 2012: early year-end edition

Another awesome year for open access! The Directory of Open Access Journals continues its steady increase at around 3 titles per day, to well over 8,000 titles. An easy prediction for the new year is that DOAJ is likely to exceed a million articles searchable at the article level early in 2013. Welcome to newcomer Directory of Open Access Books - already 35 publishers with over 1,200 free, peer reviewed academic books! OpenDOAR now lists over 2,200 open access archives, while Bielefeld Academic Search Engine now searches over 40 million documents, illustrating that these archives are far from empty. The chart above illustrating growth in percentage of NIH external fundees' research that is freely available within 3 years of publication growing from 34% to 60% shows steady growth - not the 100% that we'd all like to see, but constantly moving in the right direction. Meanwhile Beall's list of open access publishers continues to grow, too, illustrating that open access is getting lots of attention, and not always on the right side.

On the fun side, flickr now has close to a quarter billion CC licensed photos - and note that 70% use the CC noncommercial element. If this Creative Commons is a democratic community, it's time to make NC the default! Wikimedia is now over 15 million items, and the Internet Archive recently surpassed one million movies.

Details below - or download the full data edition.

The numbers

  • 8,461 journals - increased by 1,133 over past year or 3 titles per day
  • 4,199 journals searchable by article - up 739 over past year, 2 per day
  • 944,804 articles searchable by article - up 246,258 over past year, 674 per day
  • easy prediction: over 1 million articles searchable by article early in 2013 
Directory of Open Access Books
  • 1,255 books - growth this quarter, 40 books - several books / week
  • 35 publishers
 Electronic Journals Library 
  •  37,609 journals can be read free of charge; up 5,524 over last year, 15 added per day
Highwire Press Free
  • # free articles - no change from September; broken automated counter?
  • 63 completely free journals - up 14 in past year
  • 285 journals with free back issues - up 3 in past year
  • 2,236 repositories; up 76 over last year, 1.5 per week
Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)
  •  3,032 repositories; up 449 over last year, 8.6 per week
Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
  • 40 million documents (milestone!); up 6.4 million in past year; over 17,000 documents per day
  • 2,403 content providers, up 328 over last year
  • 2.6 million articles; up 300,000 in past year, 821 per day (1 article every 2 minutes)
  • 1,462 journals actively participating, up 168 in past year
  • 1,023 journals with all articles immediate free access, up 207 in past year
  • 892 journals with all articles open access, up 196 in past year
  •  805,796 e-prints; up 84,318 in past year, 231 e-prints per day
  • 13,841 documents; up 1,737 from last year, or 5 items per day
 Social Sciences Research Network
new to Dramatic Growth
  • 370,230 full text papers; up 9,573 this quarter, 131 papers per day
  • 212,514 authors
Open Access Mandate Policies (ROARMAP)
  • 34 sub-institutional; up 1 in past year
  •  54 funder; up 3 in past year
  • 163 institutional; up 27 in past year
  • 4 multi-institutional; up 3 in past year
  • 98 theses; up 10 in past year
  • 353 policies in total; up 44 in past year
Internet Archive
  •  1 million moving images (movies); milestone!
  • 100,000 concerts
  • 1.5 million audio recordings
  • 3.7 million texts
Beall's list of open access publishers
GOAL note

This year's list of predatory publishers includes over 225 highly-questionable scholarly publishing operations. Last year's list included only 23 publishers, and the 2010 list had about 18. This year's list of predatory stand-alone journals has 106 titles. (The previous year's list did not include stand-alone titles).

This post is part of the Dramatic Growth of Open Access series.